Review from Rootstime out of Belgium for album "The Traveler" - you will have to do a translate on it....

It is here - album number 11 called "The Traveler." It has been three and a half years in the making and finally complete. Release date is May 31, 2018. Many advance copies have been sent out to radio and reviewers.

This album is a blend of acoustic and electric, vocals and instrumentals, covers and originals. A blend of everything that I have done since the first album with the inclusion of 5 cover songs!!!!

Recording will be underway in the coming months for album number eleven, planned release date - October 15, 2017. Many fabulous players have been confirmed including Gary Craig on Drums, Carlos del Junco on Harmonica, Grant Slater on Keys, Leo Sullivan on Tenor Sax, Steve McDade on Trumpet and Brett Piekarz on Bass. 

This album will be where it all comes together. Ten albums of original music to date, a mix of Blues, Rock, R&B, Folk/Roots, Country and Jazz flavours, both electric and acoustic, vocal and instrumental. There will also be a few surprises on the album, keep an eye peeled here for news as we go!

Song "Struttin" placed in the top 5 for the 2015 / 2016 Great American Song Contest. Song "Altered Reality" also placed as a finalist!


Ole! - Tenor Sax man Leo Sullivan and I have won the 2014 Instrumental category for the Great American Song Contest! We co-wrote a song called "Aftermath" which is on album Number 5 - very much an honour!!! I also placed four additional songs as finalists in the same category.

Okay - here is the scoop on awards shows and songwriting contests that have been entered for new album "Acoustic Pathways" - 

1. Canadian Folk Music Awards - submitted into 5 categories - awards show is in Ottawa the end of November, 2014

2. The Grammy's - submitted into 3 categories - the awards show is in Los Angeles early in 2015

3. Junos - will be entering into 3 categories as of October 1 when the submission process opens - awards show in Hamilton in early March, 2015

4. Australian Songwriting Contest - 4 songs entered - results in early 2015

5. Mid Atlantic Song Contest - 5 songs entered - awards show in January, 2015 in Washington DC

6. Great American Song Contest - 10 songs entered - results in March, 2015 - this contest runs out of Boston

Hopes and dreams are still very much alive and well - toes, fingers and everything else crossed. Four songs have also been written at this point for next year's album release - can't seem to shake this musical thang - has had me wrapped up since I was 12 years old!!!

Alchemical Radio
Hi Lou,
            THANK YOU so much for kindly sending me your WONDERFUL new album 'Acoustic Pathways'. 
It is a truly beautiful and evocative album. Definitely one of your best yet.
I am delighted to feature tracks on Alchemical Radio. The show is now broadcast weekly through in California. Please see the Schedule page at KWTF for FM/Internet broadcast times.
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I wish you success with this fantastic piece of work!
All Best Wishes,
Alchemical Radio -


Hi Lou,

           Your SUPERB new album is featured on this coming week's Alchemical Radio show broadcast through
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I will be featuring the album over the next few weeks and any help to spread the word about the show would be sincerely appreciated.
I wish you every success with the FANTASTIC "Riding A Bicycle" album. THANKYOU for thinking of us!
All Best Wishes,
Great American Song Contest

Happy to say that I won first place in the Instrumental Category for the 2012 Great American Song Contest for song "Jazzy" from the Number 5 CD - a major honour.

I also placed as a finalist for song "Babies In The Nest" from the Ballads CD in the Singer/Songwriter category. It has been a good week!


UK Songwriting Competition

I entered some of my tunes into the 2012 UK Songwriting Competition - I am happy to say that two songs - "Cold Day In New Brunswick" and "Backlash" - made it to the semi-finals!

Oshawa - Whitby This Week

I recently won the "Instrumentalist of the Year" at the 2012 Durham Region Music Awards - a great honour and very much appreciated!


Alchemical Radio
Hi Lou,
            Thankyou so much for sending me a copy of your EXCELLENT new album "Ballads". I like it a lot and the songs really grow on you! I'm pleased to say that I'm doing a little feature on "Ballads" to be broadcast this coming Saturday morning, with repeats on Sunday evening and the following Wednesday  Please see the Schedule page at for broadcast times on the Internet.
The same show will be going out through in California in a few week's time. Once again, please see the Schedule page at KWTF for details.
Any help to spread the word about Alchemical Radio would be sincerely appreciated.
Good luck with this FANTASTIC piece of work!
All Best Wishes,
Vents Magazine

This is an interview I did with Vents Magazine in May, 2012. Enjoy!



First Coast News

Lou DeAdder Is At It Again!

I've been following Lou DeAdder's career since his first release about five or six years ago. Over the years, Lou has made a name for himself through his talent and songwriting and has pretty much sustained a career by himself with some help from his friends including his redonkulously good backing band. The guy is a DIY marvel, having now produced, recorded, and released five albums all on his own and proving you can have a go on your own. This Canadian native has constantly strived, with the assistance of his band, to out do every release they've done and for the most part they have.

I think it's fair to say that five albums in, Lou and his band of blues rock troubadors have gotten pretty good at what they do. If you don't believe me you only have to listen to about three minutes of his latest album, Five, to see what I'm talking about. Lou and his band are tighter than a watchspring and play so well off of each other, you'd almost swear that they've been making music together their entire lives. Five is a cohesive, well produced record that puts Lou's rockin blues guitar up front and lets his talent take over.

While I prefer his jazzier, more instrumental work, the guy can clearly write a melody and set it to a few blues chords with the best of them. His band of merry men follow him around and keep the jam going with a non-stop barrage of laid back groovy riffs that have a hot night in New Orleans written all over them. Even when the band slows things down a bit during some of the instrumental tunes, Lou and company keep the songs action packed with imaginative arrangements and fantastic playing on all levels. Simply put, the chemistry between the members of this band is impressive and it's reflected in each and every song on Five.

There's really nothing bad you can say about Lou DeAdder, the guy is a trailblazer who takes it all on and churns out fantastic record after fantastic record. If rockin blues is your thing then you would be doing yourself a massive disservice by not purchasing this record.



This is the fourth CD from Ontario, Canada based singer and guitarist Lou, and as with its predecessors, it definitely gets the thumbs up. Lou is a blues guitarist, but equally, he is unafraid to ‘mix it up'. The opener is a fine example; is it blues or is it jazz? It is accomplished enough to please fans of both genres, I guess. Next up is a tough piece of funk-blues, then some more or less straight blues, with Lou’s cool singing throughout. ‘Drivin’ Down The Line’ is a blues, though with a curious riff that owes a lot to jazz and rock. As the CD title indicates, the set continues in this eclectic vein with blues, soul ballads, funk and even some country-rock. As the backing musicians include two horns, the famed blues harpman Carlos Del Junco and Bob Taillefer on pedal steel guitar, Lou always has the band to pull it off. How come no big label has signed this guy up yet? Buy this and be one step ahead.


Original and Eclectic, (04/25/07)

From Canada comes guitarist Lou DeAdder, who's impressive Slow Down may not be considered a true Blues recording, but it certainly has Blues roots and a lot of tasty licks, too! This is DeAdder's second release, which follows on the footsteps of his 2005 release LouD.

Eclectic would be the appropriate word to describe DeAdder's all-original music, but it all has soul and passion and stands out as one of the better self-produced recordings I have heard in some time.

This guy can rock out and blasts out with some very hot and creative guitar playing. For example check out "Ain't Got Two Nickels," the title track "Slow Down," the explosive "Without You," and the appropriately-titled instrumental "The Funky Strudel," which all show that DeAdder is reaching out to explore his roots, yet his music sounds very new and contemporary. All in all there are eight vocal tracks and two instrumentals. The music contained is a righteous mix of rocking Blues, ballads, some good Funk and R&B tunes. I repeat, this is not just a Blues album nor is it just a Rock album; it is much more than that. DeAdder also surrounds himself with a good crew of supporting musicians, most notably co-producer Brett Piekarz on rock-solid bass, Franko Woodcock on drums, Leo Sullivan on all horns and arrangements, John Marmora and Steve O'Connor on various keyboards, Steve McDade on trumpet, and Doug Johnson on pedal steel, all of these musicians stand tall in their accompaniment of DeAdder's often driving and complex guitar playing.


In the conversations I had with DeAdder it's no surprise that he looks up to the guitar playing of Robben Ford and Albert Collins as his main influences. See for yourself on Slow Down as he gets very unique sounds from his guitar just like his heroes. DeAdder also told me he is working on his next, not one, but two new CDs, so stay tuned as I suspect you will be hearing a lot more strong and original music from Lou DeAdder.